Frequently Asked questions





Who is Available? When?

All the information that you need is right on our Upcoming Talent Page HERE. We have scheduled shoots and actors on a waitlist. 


Can I Request a Model Not Appearing on Your Site?

We have a large network of models, but you may find someone else you want to see in our videos. If you should want us to reach out to an unknown model, there will be a $150 non-refundable recruitment fee. This pays for the time invested in establishing contact and actually booking a model, which can take a while.


What’s the Waitlist About?

We hire models when people want us to hire them. Some take longer to book than others. If you’re willing to wait, select a model on a waitlist instead of a scheduled model and get $25 off your custom. 


How Do I Submit a Custom Request?

You’ve picked your actors, you’ve picked your idea, and are ready to order. Please submit your request in full through our Submission Form HERE



How Much Does a Custom Video Cost?

Well, that's a tricky question. Every custom video is different; that's why it's called a "custom". But, good news!! We took the time to build a cost estimator into our custom submission form. Fill it out accurately and it will give you a pretty good idea of what your custom will cost. 


What Happens After I Submit My Request?

We’ll be reviewing your script as soon as we can. The more accurate your submission, the more accurate your quote and the faster you’ll hear from us. So our recommendation is to fill it out right. We’ll get back with you to iron out the details. Once we agree, we’ll get payment going ASAP.



Which Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

Paypal is NOT an option! We accept credit cards, check or money order. CC payments are made through Stripe, a credit card processor that accepts many forms of payment- more info HERE.


What Should I Expect After Ordering?

We get to work. We stay busy and keep the communication to a minimum. Don’t worry, though. You’ll get status changes as soon as we have them. If you’re too excited to wait, you can find out what’s going on by viewing our shoot calendar HERE. (bottom of page)


Can I Make Changes to My Script After Ordering?

 Of course! You'll be able to do this for a fee through a link provided. That link will come in an email that you receive shortly after payment has been made.


What Happens if the Shoot Doesn’t Go as Scheduled?

There are a lot of moving parts behind every production. We try to stick to schedule, but sometimes it’s just not possible. If we can’t reschedule for whatever reason, we will reach out and go over options with you. 


Help! I Lost My Custom Video and/or My Download Link Doesn't Work?

Download links for videos will be good for 1 week. After that, videos are removed from the server. You can request another download link for a $10 fee.


What if I Just Want to Chat with Hannah Perez?

My team and I work hard behind the scenes. While I love talking to fans, my custom portal is meant for ordering customs. I do have an OnlyFans for fan chat, and you can join HERE.


What is Your Refund Policy?

If we can’t deliver your custom within 60 days of the original scheduled shoot date, you are entitled to a full refund.





We are excited to see what ideas you come up with and help bring them to life!