Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Available? When?

We have all of our current talent located on the Talent Page.  We will occasionally add or remove talent depending on availability.  You can click on each model tab for availability or check the upcoming schedule at the bottom of the Talent Page. 

Can I Request a Model Not Appearing on Your Site?

Please feel free to send us any FETISH Actresses you come across that are located in the Las Vegas/ Los Angeles area.  We'll reach out and attempt to setup a shoot!

What’s the Waitlist About?

If you'd like to get on a waitlist for someone who is currently fully booked please submit your request and we'll add you to the waitlist for $50.00.  We'll get in touch when the shoot is coming up and collect final payment shortly before the scheduled shoot date.

How Do I Submit a Custom Request?

When you're ready to order submit your custom request through the custom order form and we'll get in touch asap to get yours booked!

How Much Does a Custom Video Cost?

Custom prices vary depending on how involved they are.  We do have a formula built into our custom order form to give you an idea of what your custom will cost.  We'll give you a final price when we respond.  

What Happens After I Submit My Request?

We'll take the time to read carefully through your request. Every detail adds to the initial response and the more detailed the more time it may take. We'll get in touch ASAP with a final quote.

Which Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

We currently accept payments through Stripe, Venmo and Zelle. We DO NOT accept PayPal.

What Should I Expect After Ordering?

Once you place your order, we begin to work on your custom.  We will break your script down to a standard screenplay format that we have developed.  A lot goes into each order so we generally keep focused and quiet on our end unless we have specific questions or need to collect payment.  We keep the site updated with any schedule changes and will reach out if we cannot make the shoot happen.  You'll receive notice once your custom has been filmed.  We'll need a few days up to a week to edit your video. You'll receive a download link once complete.

Can I Make Changes to My Script After Ordering?

Once the order is placed we immediately begin to break down your script.  This is labor intensive and we generally only do it once.  If you'd like to make changes after the fact we can generally accommodate for a fee of $25.00. If it creates a longer or more involved project we will price it accordingly.

What Happens if the Shoot Doesn’t Go as Scheduled?

We will attempt to reschedule in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes due to conflicting schedules we may need to postpone for some time. If it comes to that, we will contact you with options. Generally we try to setup with the original actor, offer a new selection or refund.

Help! I Lost My Custom Video and/or My Download Link Doesn't Work?

The custom download link expires 7 days after the initial email is sent. Please be sure to download it and keep it safe. We are happy to help if it's lost but will charge $25.00 if it becomes a habit. 

What if I Just Want to Chat with Hannah Perez?

My team and I work hard behind the scenes. While I love talking to fans, my custom portal is meant for ordering customs. I do have an OnlyFans for fan chat, and you can join HERE.

What is Your Refund Policy?

If we can’t deliver your custom within 60 days of the original scheduled shoot date, you are entitled to a full refund.