Hannah Perez is the best there is!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 30, 2021

I have ordered 30 custom videos (and counting!) from Hannah Perez/Fetishland Studios. I keep coming back to Hannah because she is both an outstanding performer and an outstanding producer. My scripts are highly detailed and include a lot of subtle action elements that make a huge difference to me. Hannah is super meticulous and handles all of the details splendidly. And if anything isn’t quite right, Hannah listens carefully to all of my feedback, and she continually improves and innovates with each custom video we work on together. Plenty of times what Hannah comes up with is actually *better* than what I had in mind, and I’ll wind up adopting Hannah’s improvisation as the new standard for my future videos, which is amazing! I have worked with a lot of custom fetish video producers over the years, and Hannah is far and away the best for my scripts. She is truly dedicated to achieving exactly the action that I’m looking for. It’s a pleasure working with a performer/producer who really makes the effort to “get” my interests, and who does it so well that sometimes I swear Hannah gets me better than I get me! 🙂 I cannot recommend Hannah Perez and Fetishland Studios highly enough, if you want your video truly made to order with utmost care and skill by one of the most crazy-gorgeous models ever to grace the fetish world!


Always excellent

Rated 5 out of 5
May 2, 2021

I am in the fortunate position of possessing several customs from Hannah. For each & every one they have ensured they have understood and got as close as they can to how I imagined it. The costumes are always lovely, the sets are terrific and the models I have selected [so far Hannah, Cadence, Cali, Christina, Emily & Indica] have all been superb. Communication is always friendly and clear and turnaround times impressive. I could not be happier or recommend Hannah’s custom productions any higher. Thank you, you are awesome!!



Hannah — You have made  another beautiful and glamorous clip.  It’s like a video version of a Picasso painting,  one of his models lounging in his Paris apartment as he paints,   graceful draping of garment, sexy breathing — as always thanks  —


Hannah! That was an awesome video!  The outfits were amazing and you both did a great job.  I also liked the “Street Fighter” background music, LOL.  Thanks again for making this video.


Hello Hannah Just wanted to let you know that I watched the video last night and I think it turned out great! You followed the script exactly and got all the angles I wanted. I will be getting a lot of enjoyment from repeat viewings of this video.


I just wanted to say, your outfit, hair, makeup, PH, shoes, everything looked amazing. That you so much. That was pretty much spot on with how I imagined it. Very well done. Thanks again.


Hi, I just had a chance to watch the custom and I loved it! You are both so gorgeous and like always, did a fantastic job! You’re the best Hannah. 🙂 Thanks again.


Hannah, I watched the video again, and enjoyed it again.  You and your body movements matched well with the multiple gunshots and you went down convincingly, and you looked quite dead, I must say.  The poor jungle girl must be wishing she had stayed in the forest! You look sensational, both physically and facially, great hair and eyes! Very good abdominals too! The blood fx were subtle and well placed. Thank you again for the great looking custom, and also for your interest in getting in right for this customer.


Hello Hannah, Just wanted to thank yourself and Savannah for the amazing video you did for me Brilliantly done and you both (obviously!) looked amazing Also thanks for sticking so close to the script Really hope you shoot together again Many Thanks again


It’s wonderful, and thank you!  If there is a way for me to find your future comedic material, please let me know.


The custom video was great!  I especially liked the camera work with you worshipping Savannah’s feet.  Superb action and acting – very hot. Please email me your next shooting schedule; I’ll work on more scripts.


Hi Hannah. Thank you for another FANTASTIC job!!!!!   You got it exactly right! From the picture you tweeted, I guessed it was you that won the fight.  To my surprise, it was the other way around. Interesting! You are both such great actresses. Thanks again.


I received it, great as always. Thank you!!!


Thanks for the latest video. Downloaded and watched.

I apologise that it wasn’t much of a speaking part for you but you are as sexy as anything and look fantastic in it.Thanks to you both for the clip. It is very hot and I love it. You look fabulous in that outfit.



Hannah, I thoroughly enjoyed the custom video from the summer. Excellent acting, production, and work, from yourself and Sinn. Your talent continues to impress us, your fans! I’d like to place another custom video request



The clip was really well done.  Your acting was great! When I write a script, there are usually a few specific moments that I really look forward to seeing in the final product.  Specific story beats. These are sometimes glossed over or ignored. This isn’t a huge deal, but it can be disappointing. You hit on all of the beats in my script which really shows attention to detail.  Some models just get it. They understand exactly what you want to see based on the script and can act it out. The best of the best. You’re in this group! Thank you for filming my crazy idea!



Exquisitely done, gorgeous, well photographed, understated and moody.   Belongs in the next issue of Vogue, to accompany feature on how successful women are able to find quiet moments to recharge.      Many thanks and all the best, R


Hey Hannah! I love it!! You two look perfect in the roles as Velma and Daphne! The acting was good and you two looked amazing together. Star with the long legs and you with your gorgeous face and body, even with those “lunar eclipse” goggles on you’re still so damn pretty. Nice touch with the Horror music and sound effects. You do such a great job, and you looked really hot in those orange thigh highs! I love that you was able to pull it off. Great job with everything! You should try out for a horror movie someday! Definitely as the hot chick in the beginning. 🙂  Star did an amazing job with her scenes too, so sexy and beautiful as well. I really loved it! I know this is not your run-of-the-mill thing, so I do appreciate it. Thanks again!


Excellent video, thank you Hannah!


Hi Hannah, Thanks for another excellent custom video! You and Cherie totally got the story line and characters in my script and played the whole thing out perfectly!  And thanks for your continuous attention to detail with all of my requests for the action. I appreciate that you take such care to implement things just the way I describe.  That’s obviously huge to me and it makes your custom videos really stand out. Thank you!!!


Hi Hannah, received it 🙂 Great as always. Thank u!!!


Thanks so much! Nice job interpreting my weirdo script.


Well done Hannah, really I like it. What is your models schedule for the next month?


wow Hannah the clip was great I want to place another other for a clip (will be sending you a script to quote) which models do you have available in the near future


Thank you, Hannah That video was awesome. I’ll be buying from you again soon.


Amazing as always! Thank you so much I am so grateful!


I’ve watched the clip a few times now and am blown away. Thank you so much for finding (and wearing) that costume for me. I am so glad we discussed costume first and decided to go with the new one. It is amazing and, in my opinion, that colour looks great on you. Maybe we should do a photo shoot of you in it as well. I am also extremely happy with the noise level you achieved for me too. Thank you so much – again!


Hello, I am watched the video now, and I must see that is great. You are really perfect and very professional and this video is awesome. Thanks you, and Cali too. I am sure, that I will order customs videos again sometime future. Thank you very much again.


Hey, Thank you so much! I love it. I do. It’s everything I could dream of and more! I’m speechless. You’re so amazingly beautiful and exotic and did such a great job acting. You are the perfect Scream Queen!  And Cali is a knockout. Obviously. Wow. Smoking hot, the both of you. This has to been a rough few years and this is one of the coolest things done for me. Definitely a Home Run! I hope this is a big seller for you! Thank you


THIS WAS FANTASTIC!!!  You followed my script exactly, and the action and dialogue were perfect. I’ll be watching this one several times over the next few days :)Cali did a great job, and as alway your performance was spectacular.  The last two scenes were among the best I’ve ever seen. Your talking to the camera was sooooooo good. Watching you get fired up and then shift into the machine gun shake is just what I love to see. On sofa, there was a short little portion where you mimicked reacting to a machine gun.  That too is something I really like. Getting Cali along with you was absolutely the best thing that could have happened, and for that I sincerely thank you!!!!!! As long as you like doing them, there will be more. I could watch you acting and role-playing these fantasies all day. Once again, THANK YOU Hannah.


OMG !!!!! I FUCKING LOVE IT HANNAH!!!!! You Cali and Cadence truly have talent. And Kudos big time to the lucky bastard that got to suck your toes 🙂 When he lifted you Cali n Cadence up while in the hogtie put you guys in a quick suspension that shit was hot. Totally worth the money spent. You 3 are totally great together since the video i saw you guys in Beauties in bondage where Cali played you just to get out and Cadence had no clue wat was going on lol. BRAVO to all you guys that made my imagination a reality! 🙂


Yes!!! Thank you for the video today!!! Worth the wait!! Great production!! Still working on a final episode of this story! Very excited to work with you again very soon!


Hi Hannah, Wow, that was fast editing! 🙂  Thanks for sending the video. This is really great!  You and Ludella both did outstanding jobs and expertly followed the script and instructions (I really appreciate the attention to detail with the instructions, which I know are super specific, but you and Ludella clearly paid careful attention and nailed everything)!  This, to me, really was the best punching video yet! And it came out longer than I had expected. Thanks to you and Ludella for hanging in there! Everything was paced really well, and perfectly acted. And you both looked gorgeous! And speaking of editing, I was really impressed at how all of the scene transitions flowed so smoothly and artfully, including the transitions in and out of POV mode for Ludella’s little solo routine.  Very professional work. This video gets top marks from me in all areas!Thanks for taking on another one of my scripts, Hannah! I am very pleased with how it came out! 🙂 Please convey my thanks to Ludella as well!


Hey, Wow, the video is absolutely fantastic!  Her facial expressions were great, I love the way you shot it, and really enjoyed little touches like the “poink” sound effects when the tacks were being removed.  This clip came out even better than I expected, thank you! Also, you were incredibly fast in making this whole thing and delivering, really great service. Thanks again for video!


Awesome Hannah, this was better than the previous one as you took the cue on Wonder Woman costume at short notice, added it to my script beautifully. Thank you and Vika so much. You look gorgeous in Wonder Woman costume and absolutely destroyed poor Vika. She sold it quite well and seemed to have loved your feet and worshipped it passionately 🙂 I liked the scissors and back breaker especially. I would like to know what you liked in this video and also views of Vika and Keri as I can factor these in my next script. Wonder who is going to suffer next at your hands, please let me know your favourite victims, when possible will order my next custom.


Simply awesome Hannah, you made every word in my script come to life, am so thrilled. Many thanks to you and Keri for this. Would like to do more customs with you. Thanks once again, a pleasure. ❤❤❤


Yup I got it! It’s very well made. Thanks so much! Everything I wanted.


Hi Hannah I just wanted to tell you that the custom video was phenomenal and you did a great job.


Hi Hannah I enjoyed it really much. You two are beutiful! Specially you… 😉 I will sure do! Thanks for the info! Take care


Hi Hannah I really appreciate you getting this to me in time for Christmas. Another great clip. You really nailed it: I like the dialogue, the different positions and your noisy orgasms and I think the outfit you chose is stunning. You look great [again]! I also noticed the shoes you had on. What a lovely pair! Thanks again


That was a great video, you are such a good actress, thanks for doing such a great job! (And the Hannah in fetish land opening is a great touch lol) I will make sure to contact you again when my twisted mind concocts another kinky scenario, lol


Thank you!  Great video!


Yes, I’ve got it now!  Thank you and Cadence very much, this is great!


OMG Hannah!!! It’s without a doubt the best custom I have ever received. Thank you very much, I’m sure I’ll order another one in the future.


That was fantastic!!! Thank you so much.


Hi there. I was about to download the file. It was pretty much exactly as I imagined. Well done. You’re acting really sold it. Thanks again


Hi Hannah I was rushing to get to a party last night so didn’t really do justice to your latest custom for me. I truly appreciate the way you stuck to the details of the idea (slowly going down layer by layer) and how sexy you made it. Also the amount of layers you managed to put on. Thank you very much indeed and I hope I get to own a few more HP customs yet. Regards


Got the custom! You two really sold it. Amazing job; way beyond expectations. Can’t believe you both nailed the Harlequinn style accent down so well. Great work! Look forward to working on another custom again down the line : )


Hi Hannah, I did receive the video    I got home and was able to watch on Saturday.  You were Amazing!!You are a pro!Thanks for pulling in all my ideas to the video.  I know I didn’t give you much to work with but you are so talented you made it work.  It really helped watching after seeing your note that you had fun. I would have felt a little bad otherwise.  Sinn didn’thold back. Speaking of Sinn please pass on my thanks. She was fantastic also. I have no idea how she didn’t break character with all your craziness.  Also I have no idea many pies she thrown but she sure looked like she had been doing it forever. She didn’t hold back at all. I was thinking whoever you got to help would be a little more timid.  I am sure when you started out the last thing you thought you would be doing is a video where you got a pie. Thanks again,


Good morning Hannah, I just the video and it is fantastic!!!  You did a great job. Thank you so much.


Hi! Yes ma’am! It is perfect as usual:) Yes i watched it and love it! Thank you Hannah!


Hey Hannah..  Well… you’ve done it again!  How dare I even worry about a skit being “too much” or “too difficult” for you to act out!  You NAILED it! And you just seem to always “get it” and completely immerse yourself into whatever skit you are doing! Overall this was fantastic..both of you looked great, took the mess like champions, and completely owned that script like it was nothing!  Bravo Hannah…..Bravo!!!!


Hey Hannah, I can hardly put this into words, you did it again! You went above and beyond what I expected and put your perfect touch on another pair of orders!  Thank you so much again for your efforts! I must also add, I love the hair tied back look, made you look more dignified and a slight bit meaner. Love the videos, thank you again.


Hi Hannah, I received the video! Thanks!  Wow, you and Laney TOTALLY nailed this! You were both spectacular and did everything perfectly!  Thanks so much for all of your attention to my various detailed requests. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  The acting was totally convincing and fluid, and you both gave off exactly the right vibe of sensual chemistry amidst the punching.  And the punching itself was absolutely on target (both literally and figuratively!) with solid, completely credible impacts that made excellent smacking sounds.  The pacing of the punches was perfect this time, and there was just the right amount of “stick” this time as well. The belly button aim was great, the uppercut fist positioning was exactly right, and you both mixed in just the right amount of sensual tummy rubbing to convey the sexy vibe to the punching.  Bravo!! The taking from behind sequences were equally well done, just the way I requested. You both definitely “got it.” 🙂 And I notice that the video is actually longer than planned! Thank you very much for putting in the extra time! This was a nice, complete story told very well by you and Laney. Thanks, Hannah!  


It worked! And the clip is fantastic!!! I’m sure I’ll order another armwrestling custom from you soon. Can you let me know who you are shooting with soon? btw your arms are fantastic, very nicely toned! I love it. Thank you for the quick delivery!


Saw the pictures  and they are fantastic ! !! Thank you  so much


Hey Hannah, The video is fantastic! You and Belle both really captured what I was looking for! Thank you for your hard work on it and for being patient with me. As you can imagine it is very hard to find content that appeals to my kink but you have given me something that I can treasure forever! Please be sure to pass along my thanks to Belle as well, she played a great Kate!


I have done over 20 customs,and this is one of the best ones I have seen.  I truly appreciate your attention to detail. I will be a returning customer.   


Hannah, I can’t tell you how much I love this video!  It’s a perfect mix of camp and naughtiness. You really are both a great comic actress and sexy as hell.  My only wish would have been for a different pair of shoes, but all in all, this is one of the best customs I’ve ever requested. Thanks again for everything!


Dear Hannah, what a really great video ! Nikki made in perfect and you instructed her perfect ! many, many thanks to you ! Your happy Ulli5/19/16

Hi Hannah! Omg it was amazing haha! Loved it, Thank you very much 🙂 Regards,


Got the custom! Amazing work! Thanks for providing such a valuable service to all of us weirdos out there! 😂 Seriously though, this is awesome. If I do a custom again, I know who I’ll be going to. Keep up the great productions!


I just watched the video thankyou so much for the timely delivery and within your deadline it actually means a lot to me (: I was actually kinda excited to see how you would interpret my script and what the final video would look like! you didnt disappoint. I wanted to mix like 3-4 different fetishes into 1 video and i have to say i love the finished product you probably hear it a thousand times but you are very beautiful and that only makes the custom better. Very reasonable price, very good waiting time plus customer satisfaction ! i think you will have a repeat customer hannah!!!


Wonderful!! I really enjoy the final product – thanks so much, Hannah!


Thank you so much Hannah! The film is fantastic! You look stunning and your eyes and expression are perfection. Your acting is brilliant too. Your limp acting is so good and your symptoms acting at the beginning, and again at the end, are amazing! I know you’ll have been told before but you are very talented. Thank you again!


I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks.   You are an extremely talented actress with an equally awesome sense of humor! The timing couldn’t of been better. I appreciate your being a good sport and taking a pie in the face.  Thanks again.



I did get the video downloaded and waa able to watch it … in fact I watched it several times.  Let me just say I am very pleased with this video. You certainly understood and captured what I was looking for.  The outfits were spot on, including the gloves, and you did every scene in my script. You are a natural at doing the machine gun shake, it is positively awesome.  My favorite scene occurred at the 4 minute mark, when after you mowed down Kerrie, the cameraman machine guns you and you slide down the sofa while still getting riddled and continued to shake to the bullet impacts.  Fantastic scene. I also want to thank you for use of certain phrases, such as “I’m getting machine gunned” (my favorite) and for ending up face down in several of the scenes. You offer variety and yet consistency. Well, I could go on forever giving you praise, but I’m sure you get the point by now.  YOU ARE FANTASTIC AT THIS. Rest assured, I do not think or expect anyone to be as good as you are. I don’t want to forget the lucky individual who got to tape the video as well as shoot you and Kerrie (lucky person!!!) and thanks to those behind the scenes who do the editing and other important and often overlooked efforts.THANK YOU!!!


I received it. It was very well done


Thank you very much for the video. Your performance was absolutely terrific. Right off the bat you set the right tone for the character’s reserved personality. You also captured the character’s looks – your hair, the glasses, your brassiere – to a T. And after you lost it … magnificent! Anyway, once again thank you.


Its…BRILLIANT! And with the lovely Candle too!! (She is such fun!) Love the ticker and the headlines great job! Thank you so much! I will have to think of another script if you are ok to do another sometime? Thanks again.


This was awesome. A brilliant bit of escapology. Thank you very much!



It was great. Thank you. You really sold it and I enjoyed watching it. Once I figure out a fitting part two, I’ll let you know. Thanks



So,… this was some kind of insanely great!  But, I had a very strange reaction that I was not expecting.  The whole point of the video was the personality transitions but, as I watched, I found myself thinking: “No, I want to see more.”  You did such a great job with each one that I hated to see each end. I also absolutely loved the little things you added that weren’t in what I wrote.  I’m quite tempted to give you the bare minimum of what I want next time and see what comes of it. Thank you again,


I just wanted to take a minute to really properly thank you for the video, you nailed it! You threw in some touches that I really really liked and I thought you looked absolutely gorgeous in the video. The wardrobe was perfect and I really enjoyed Sophia’s performance as well, please be sure to thank her for me! I know this isn’t the easiest concept to shoot but the video was perfect. I have been looking for a long time for content that would meet my needs (sadly there isn’t a website that I know of for this kind of thing) so I really rely on customs. I have had more than 20 done with various models and I can safely say this one is one of my favorites! I hope we can work together again soon! Thanks again!



Dear Hannah That is a very good video. I am looking forward to Meny more thigh high boots videos from you😍😉👢

Thank you very much!



After reviewing the lawnmower video, it was thoroughly enjoyed. Well done to you with the dialogue. Lawnmower Guy was excellent, perfect angle and camera view of your foot on the mower. You guys did an amazing job. Thanks again soooo much for this,



 LOVED IT!  Thank you very much.  I loved your attitude, and how it was your idea to tease him and let him play with you.  A dream come true. The way your voice trailed off as you counted to 3 was fantastic! The finger gun which lead to eye rolling, also fantastic!  The way you let the water drool out of your mouth was perfect! I loved the slow mo look too. I am so glad he took your shoes off at the end. They were great both on an off.  And, of course you were so wonderfully limp the whole time. I was glad to see him pick you up and put you on the couch. I also loved the eye checks while the water was dripping from your mouth. Thank you again,



I got the clip!!And your eye crossing looks great,…….looks like you can hold your eyes for extremely long time very easy?!  wow Your Idea is great and the story i do love….;-)) love your knock outs too…..;-) you are that sexy in it!



Hello Hannah, Let me start off by saying thank you so much for coming through on the video….As weird as the whole scenario seems, I really hope that you enjoyed working on the custom video. The flip flops and the outfit you wore was muy caliente!!! The spanish dialogue was Perfect!!!! The timing of entire video was absolutely SUPERB!!!!! The camera angle with where you were standing next to the mower was perfect. Hannah would you and your crew be interested in doing this again? Please let me know….Once again thank you so much for doing the custom video. Cheers,











I wanted to let everyone know about a new custom clip I ordered that turned out really good.  It was done by Hannah Perez and features Ludella Hahn. For anyone wanting to order a custom clip, I can’t recommend Hannah Perez enough.  She did great work, and was incredibly fast with both making the video and also just getting back to me.